Monday, September 28, 2009

Quite a Round-Up!

We hosted several hundred excited students earlier this month for Fall Round-Up, right here in the College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources. That's right, CAFNR welcomes freshmen and sophomores by giving them a night to explore the opportunities available in the college.

The crowd of students made its way through the halls of the agriculture building to mingle with representatives from many of the great organizations CAFNR has to offer! Since I’m an atmospheric science major, I helped out at the Meteorology Club table throughout the night. So many excited and interested students came through and asked a ton of questions!

I’m a senior this year and it made me really happy to know that there are such excited underclassmen in line to take over the many clubs and organizations in the college. Even if a student didn’t manage to find a club they were interested in, they still got a t-shirt, candy AND a free dinner. Not too shabby :)

-Madison Burnett
Senior, Atmospheric Science major

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restaurantcitymagics said...

Your a senior? hahaha a free t-shirt.